Title One

Title One

Title One is a federally funded program designed to help schools provide supplemental services to struggling students.  Title One programs at PBL provide assistance to improve the teaching and learning of children to enable them to meet challenging State academic content and performance standards. Title One provides a focus on school wide reform efforts, parent involvement, professional development, and standards and assessments.

PBL Clara Peterson and PBL Eastlawn schools are both considered Title One, school-wide schools.  Schools with school-wide programs use Title I funds to implement comprehensive strategies for improving the educational program of the whole school in schools with 40% or more poverty to increase the achievement of all students, particularly at-risk students.

Title One Documents

Eastlawn Schoolwide ESSA Plan

Clara Pete Schoolwide Plan ESSA

Title One Staff
  • Tara Tighe-Chandler, Title One Director
  • Barry Wright, Principal Eastlawn Grade School
  • Amanda Styck, Principal Clara Peterson Grade School
  • Wendy Niebuhr, Title One Math, PBLCP
  • Kourtney Bradd, Title One Reading, PBLCP
  • Brandi Rogers, Title One Reading, PBLCP
  • Peggy Seibring, Title One Reading, PBLEL
  • Katie Grice, Title One Reading, PBLEL
  • Kelly Rust, Title One Math, PBLEL
  • Lisa Buhs, Title One Paraprofessional, PBLEL

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