Professional Development @ PBL

PBL is committed to offering a wide variety of professional development opportunities to our faculty to insure that we are up to date with the latest educational  policies, procedures, and research-based best practices.

PBL schools dismiss early each Tuesday to allow collaboration and professional development activities for teachers.  Teachers utilize that time to participate in various activities, all designed to enhance student achievement.

PBL has partnered with some of the top educational consultants to provide on-site professional development tailored to the specific needs of PBL students and teachers.

Presenters and consultants that have been our partners in education include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Larry Bell

    • Dr. Todd Witaker
  • Dr. Bob Darnell
  • Brian Mendler
  • Dr. Rich Voltz
  • Dr. Grant Miller
  • Mr. Jim Burgett
  • Julie Eckberg, Ph.D (Literacy Consultant)

  • Dr. Michael Heggerty

  • Cathy Carter-Shide (Math Consultant)  Moving to the Common Core

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