Student Learning Objectives (SLO) Resources

Excited for the October 9, 2015 SIP day?  Click here for the agenda

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The following videos explain in more depth  Webb’s Depth of Knowledge levels.

Below are resources you can access to learn more about and utilize the DOK in creating classroom assessment

DOK assessment writing template

DOK Sample template

DOK wheel

DOK by Subject Area

DOK question stems for each level

Hess’ Cognitive Rigor Matrix & Cirricular Examples (math & science)

Hess’ Cognitive Rigor Matrix & Curriculuar Examples (reading & writing)

DOK Fine arts

Levels of Thinking Bloom’s & Webb’s

Below are some resources and webinars relating to the new teacher evaluation system, specifically measuring growth using type III assessments

Administrative Code part 50

What are the PERA requirements for student growth?

Introduction to the SLO process

SLO Guidebook

Below are sample SLO’s

SLO Template

4th Grade SLO

Gen Music SLO

Nutrition & Culinary arts SLO

Independent Learning SLO

English Language SLO

Early Childhood SLO

Consumer math SLO

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